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NetProbe 2000 MAX
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New Generation Analyzer incorporating most legacy PDH and IP network testing in one.

New Generation Analyzer incorporating most legacy PDH and IP network testing in one.

The NetProbe 2000 MAX combines E1,E3, T1, T3, V-Series, VoIP, GiGe, IPTV, WiFI and IEEE C37.94 testing in one smallest handheld analyzer on the market with up to 10 battery operation.

Series Highlights

  • Smallest and lightest handheld analyzer currently on the market designed with the same technology as used in the smart phones, with expected 10 year life cycle
  • Ergonomically shaped for long term holding in the palm of a hand
  • Supersize Li-Ion-Polymer battery for up to 10 hour uninterruptable operation
  • Fast interaction and operation due to the latest generation ARM processor
  • Intuitive presentation of test results I text and histograms
  • Powerful test result dBase storage with on screen review or ability to export to USB.
  • Bright white touch screen LCD
  • Reduced ownership cost by combining PDH and IP testing features

Key Features

  • Equipped with hardware and software for testing: PDH ( E1,E3, T1,T3), V-series, GiGabit Ethernet, WiFi b/g/n, VoIP, IPTV, IEEE 37.94
  • PDH Signal level , frequency, clock slips
  • PDH BERT, G.821, G,826 and M.2100 performance analysis
  • WiFi and Gigabit Service Level Acceptance verification
  • Histograms for errors and alarms
  • Round trip delay
  • VoIP call and origination with SIP protocol
  • IPTV STB emulation and Video/audion quality test
  • Voice communications via external headset
  • Remote control via VNC/Internet
  • USB port for external Flash memory



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