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NetProbe 10G

Multi-service Network and Telecom Analyzer
The NetProbe 10G is the latest introduction to NetProbe family of handheld testers. The NetProbe 10G comes with 10G Ethernet basic functionality as standard and can be software upgraded anytime with advanced 10G Ethernet, IPTV, VOIP, WIFI and IEEE C37.94 options.


• Smallest 10G/1G tester on the market for easy handheld testing
• Simple intuitive GUI minimizes training time
• Long battery life provides extended field testing
• Results and Configurations can be exported for easy sharing
• Rugged yet lightweight construction is ideal for service technicians
• Fast processor for quick boot-up and lightning fast responses
• Reduces time to repair


Key Features

• 10/1 Gigabit Ethernet analyzer supports BERT, RFC2544, IEEE-1588, 1-8 multistream Traffic Generator,
Y.1564, Looping regenerator, Wiremap, SFP Optical interfaces. IEEE-1588 and GPS timing options allow
precise synchronization for extra accurate test results.
• VoIP analyzer supports Call/Answer, Call Log and SIP flow diagram.
• IPTV analyzer support STB emulation, Passive Monitoring, Channel Scan, TR101290 transport stream
metrics, QoS/QoE metrics and more.
• Comprehensive results can be exported as PDF, csv or text file. Large 8GB flash memory.
• Graphic tables and histograms display concise results.
• Remote operation via VNC client



 The NetProbe 10GR reflector provides loopback functionality in a low-cost, handheld device. It’s a smart loop device that swaps the source and destination addresses in MAC and IP headers as necessary to run Ethernet performance tests.

Main Features

  • Portable, lightweight and rugged device.
  • Supports electrical (RJ-45) and optical interfaces (SFP, SFP+ and XFP).
  • Supports full rate loopback on Layers 1, 2, 3 and 4.
  • Simple remote web and push button operation. Buttons select Interface, Medium, Loop Layer and Loop Filter.
  • IP Ping and Traceroute for Layer 3 connectivity tests.
  • Supports industry standard carrier Ethernet validation tests: RFC-2544, Y.1564, and Bit error rate (BER).
  • Remote web operation provides important Tx/Rx stats including Frames/sec, #Frames, #Short Frames, Unicasts, Broadcasts, Multicasts, Dropped, Packet:s and CRC errors.
  • Quickly enable DHCP on LAN management port by holding the Loop Layer button for 4 seconds.
  • Easily return to defaults by holding the Loop Layer button for 4 seconds.
  • Supports smart loopback as per Layer of Rx Data.
  • Compatible with end-to-end testing with NetProbe 2000 and NetProbe 10G and other Ethernet test sets.


When Ethernet and IP traffic passes through a switch or router, the source and destination addresses are checked and used for directing the traffic. Thus, a simple hard loop will not work as it would with T-carrier. The NetProbe 10GR is needed to swap the source and destination addresses in the MAC and IP headers.

With a NetProbe 10G or NetProbe 1G on one end of an Ethernet circuit and the NetProbe 10GR on the other end, a technician can qualify the bit error rate, measure throughput, jitter, latency, frame loss and more.

The NetProbe 10GR allows the specified Ethernet port to loop back incoming Ethernet frames on layer 1, 2, 3 or 4 back to the sender for end-to-end testing.



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